Patris Agricultural Products


As far back as any of us can recall, our known family history has always been inextricably interwoven with that of our olive groves. Not one of us can remember a time when our paths and lives strayed from the journey of these olive trees, maturing side-by-side and sharing the same roots in family, tradition and our homeland.

As our history would have it, the first of our ancestors to set up a homestead where one of our olive groves thrives today, had traveled here from a faraway region of the Peloponnese, in the years of the Greek revolution and just as the modern Hellenic State was setting cornerstones of its own. Those were years of hardship. The lot belonged to the few and land ownership was a challenging feat to achieve, especially for poor farmers. In order to acquire their own stead, they needed to clear up and cultivate harsh plots, overturning their hostile nature into arable land. In other cases, they resorted to buying out forested areas from the government.

Many of our olive groves were created this way, through the sweat and perseverance of our ancestors. Young olive trees blossomed among rocky areas and grew in the driest of regions, as if by miracle, bearing their fruit despite sharing the adversity we all faced back then.

My father recalled the history of each and every one of our olive trees, having been taught by his own father or having lived it firsthand, carrying it down from generation to generation.
“Look at this tree over here, it used to be quite untamable. But my father grafted it back when I was a child, over here, in this part of the trunk. And see how different the trunk looks now from this point higher.” These stories carried weight with him, and he worried about passing on this cherished legacy to the younger generation, wishing nothing more than to salvage these memories and knowledge. As the years passed, and having now lost my father, I found the same need building up inside me as well. I realized that these stories, these precious memories that were handed down to us, are what makes our olive oil so exceptional.

Our desire is to tell these stories through our own product. We invite you to share this experience with us, to close your eyes and taste the history behind a unique flavor.