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Olive oil in ancient and modern Greece

Olive oil in ancient and modern Greece

Dec 9, 2020

Ancient Greeks thought of olive oil as Mother Nature’s medicine. In antiquity, Greece exported olive oil to the entire known world.

In the first years of the modern Greek State and up until the last century, olive oil was one of the most valuable goods in any Greek household. In the days of our grandparents, oil was just as important as money since, in the struggling countryside, it was often used as currency.

Today, Greece finds itself among the three largest exporters of olive oil worldwide. However, despite its superb varieties of olive trees as well as ideal geographical and weather conditions that contribute to the production of the highest quality olive oil in the world, it has yet to fully reach its potential in standardizing and optimizing production.

We firmly believe that the new generation of Greek olive producers can turn a new page of global success.