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Extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil “Elida” is the namesake of the ancient city-state of Ilia, the metropolis of the Olympic Games. To us, it represents…

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Olive oil

in ancient and modern Greece

Ancient Greeks thought of olive oil as Mother Nature’s medicine. In antiquity, Greece exported olive oil to the entire known world. In the first years…

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Olive oil in ancient and modern Greece

Our history

As our history would have it, the first of our ancestors to set up a homestead where one of our olive groves thrives today, had traveled here from a faraway region of the Peloponnese, in the years of the Greek revolution and just as the modern Hellenic State was setting cornerstones of its own. Those were years of hardship...

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"Look at this tree over here, it used to be quite untamable. But my father grafted it back when I was a child, over here, in this part of the trunk. And see how different the trunk looks now from this point higher."

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